Instant Camera Tours with Sophort Safari


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by Thomas Preyer of

In 2013 Gilbert, my co-founder, had a thought at one of my Polaroid workshops: Why not have people explore a city with Polaroid cameras so they can take home tangible souvenirs from their trip.

Shortly after we started offering sightseeing tours with vintage Polaroid cameras, so called Instant Tours, in Vienna and we are now in 8 destinations in Europe and Hong Kong.

Along the way we learned that exploring a city with a camera will make you look closer and will lead to a more intense experience than without one. Also, for most of our guests it is the first time they use one of these vintage cameras (for some not the last). Folks not only learn a new skill but they also learn how to manage to do a tour with just one pack of film, which nowadays is eight pictures. Most guests at first think that this is not enough, but they quickly realize, that it is different from shooting with their digital camera or their smartphone.

In the core of our activities is our love for Polaroid photography. Therefore once a year we host the Sophort Safari, a day of analog exploring in and around Vienna. The contestants receive a Polaroid rental camera (or they can use their own), one pack of film and a still secret photographic mission containing of 8 topics at the start of the day. They then have a day to creatively solve the given topics, return to the venue and submit their best four pictures. We scan them and send them to our jury. They vote for their favorites and we announce winners and award fantastic prices by our event sponsors to the best pictures.

We would love to meet you at one of our tours or events and show you why instant photography is still relevant in 2018.

Sophort Safari 2018 is on May 5th