Vienna in English – METROPOLE magazine discount for VE

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Founded in 2015, METROPOLE is a magazine aimed at Vienna’s international crowd. Published in English, the print and digital editions provide readers with everything they need to know to make the most of their city.

Special Offer for Vienna Expats members

Vienna Expats readers can qualify for a discount on subscriptions to Metropole. To receive a 20% discount, simply enter the promotional code viennaexpats2019 when ordering through their website at

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Whether they moved to Vienna to work, study, or for love, or have lived here most of their life, the international Viennese have made it to one of the most vibrant, successful, and connected cities in the world. METROPOLE is here to guide readers through it, help them share its best bits so they can do more of what they love and be proud to call Vienna their home town.

With the Print & Digital Subscription,you get all the benefits of print, with all the flexibility of digital: access to every current issue, weekly news briefings, free access to our events and much more. Read METROPOLE on your tablet or phone during your morning commute and save the print copy for your weekend breakfast – we’ve got you covered.

The Print & Digital Subscription includes:

• digital version of the magazine
• access to premium content on the website
• digital access to our archive
• invitations to our subscriber-only events
• weekly newsletter “Your Guide to Austria’s Latest News”
• access to our subscriber-only special offers and sweepstakes
• 4 print issues of METROPOLE, delivered to your door
• free access to all our events

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