Vienna Expats Barbecue Calendar 2020

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Vienna Expats have booked dates for grilling on the Donauinsel again this summer! Here is our calendar in advance so everyone has the opportunity to plan their Spring and Summer weekends!

These are BYO Parties; Bring Your Own… something to eat and drink.

We have booked barbecues on grillplatz 12 close to Floridsdorferbrücke and we have grillplatz 0, 10 and 11 close to U2 line station Donaustadtbrücke.

The fixed barbecue locations are generally open, shaded, close to the river and have close-by bathroom facilities.

All locations are close to the U2 line station Donaustadtbrücke or U6 line station Neue Donau.


NOTE: (updated 30.04.2020) The barbecue locations are currently shut as part of the measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is unlikely, although we have not yet received cancellations from the authorities, that any of the dates until the end of May 2020 will actually take place.

Sunday 5 April, Grillplatz 0 (JT)
Sunday 19 April, Grillplatz 0 (JT)
Sunday 3 May, Grillplatz 0 (JT)
Sunday 10 May, Grillplatz 10 (MB)
Ascension Bank Holiday, Thursday 21 May, Grillplatz 11 (AT)

NOTE: (updated 30.06.2020) Barbecue locations are now open again and barbecues will be held, unless restrictions are put back in place.

Sunday 12 July, Grillplatz 12 (CE)
Sunday 2 August, Grillplatz 11 (EP)
Sunday 9 August, Grillplatz 10 (EP)
Sunday 23 August, Grillplatz 10 (MB)
Sunday 13 September, Grillplatz 12 (CE)
Sunday 20 September, Grillplatz 11 (AT)

The events will start at 12:00, unless otherwise stated.

All good guys, looking forward to another great summer with grill!

Map of the Grillplatzes close to Donaustadtbruecke

Barbecue Sites
Sites on the Donauinsel