Corona in Vienna: A Historical Collection Project

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The Wien Museum asks for objects of everyday life in the times of Corona

How will future generations know what the Corona crisis has meant for Vienna? Digital formats come and go – objects endure. Therefore, the Wien Museum is asking for your help: Please, send us photos of things that exemplify your new private or professional life in the times of Corona. In a next step, a selection of the proposed objects will be incorporated into the collection of the Wien Museum.

The outbreak of the Corona virus and the measures taken against it are radically changing life in Vienna. How will we look back on this time in the coming years, decades, and centuries? The Wien Museum is a central site of historical memory, both in terms of objects and knowledge about the city’s past. Help us to collect Vienna’s history here and now! From all areas, in all languages!

Send us photos by E-mail of objects that document your everyday life in Vienna in the times of Corona. The note for neighborhood help in the stairwell, the face mask purchased at an online auction, the Corona diary – every object that characterizes your everyday life in today’s Vienna today is welcome.

Send your photos via E-mail to And, please, let us know briefly what the specific objects mean to you.

By sending the photos, you agree to their publication by the Wien Museum. We will contact you at a later date if objects are to be included in the Wien Museum’s collection.

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