Current Travel Warnings & Restrictions, Quarantine, Regional and National Lockdowns and COVID-19 information

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With the ongoing travel warnings in relation to the prevailing situation in relation to Covid-19, there are frequent queries from anxious expats on various fora. unsure about whether they will be able to go off on holiday, as well as whether they will need to quarantine at either end. In addition, there are also regional restrictions in Austria and abroad. We would like to advise that it remains the responsibility of individuals to ensure their own safety, observe local regulations and restrictions, and in the event of feeling unwell to take the necessary steps including testing, self-isolation, wearing of facial masks etc.

Both the FCO (UK Government) and Austria’s BMEIA continue to advise against all non-urgent travel.

The links below are intended to help people considering travelling either within Austria or to neighbouring countries to inform themselves about the current situation. Those still intending to travel should also check the applicable regulations for transit (e.g. restrictions about stopping in a country during transit), as well as requirements regarding whether they are required to have confirmed negative tests for entry and exit, and/or quarantine restrictions that may apply.

Coronavirus – Daily Updates

Metropole – English language updates about coronavirus.

Current situation regarding number of cases of infections:

Austria – Gesundheitsministerium
Corona Ampel page
All countries

Please note that figures are reported at different times of the day and different countries use different counting criteria.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. – Accessed 16.07.2020

Mass Transit and Travelling by Car

ÖBB – information about rail travel
Austrian Airlines – information about flights etc. in English
ÖAMTC – information about travel restrictions by car
Twincityliner – information about services between Vienna and Bratislava

Travel warnings

BMEIA – Country list broken down into travel warnings for the entire country, and countries where non-urgent travel to certain regions is not recommended. The currently enforced version of the Regulation including the risk countries list can be found on the RIS here.

Austrian Health Ministry FAQs on travel and tourism (In German)
Stay Healthy in Austria – Travel responsibly – FCO pages with travel warnings for each country

FCO Travel Corridors Page – added 21.08.2020

EU – includes a map for measures taken by EU Member State.

Current situation: measures in force in Austria


Bitte beachten Sie, dass sich aufgrund der Unvorhersehbarkeit der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus
(Covid-19) die Situation rasch ändern kann.

Please be aware that in light of the unpredictable nature of the spreading of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) that the situation may change quickly.
16 July 2020

Information about the situation in neighbouring countries

Useful Resources

Covid-19 Sprachführer – German/English resource about Covid-19 – useful for communication in the case that you believe you might have Covid-19.

Update notes:

25.07.2020 – link added to RIS source for current country lists.
21.08.2020 – FCO travel corridor page added
10.09.2020 – Corona Ampel link added

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