Barbecue Dates for 2022

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The team have made barbecue reservations for the whole summer and into the autumn. We have barbecues organised for the following dates, at the following barbecue sites. We are of course subject to any drought restrictions or any measures for the containment of Covid-19 that might be imposed.

Information about the respective locations: Barbecue site 0, Barbecue site 4, Barbecue site 6, Barbecue site 11, Barbecue site 12

01-May 0
08-May 11
15-May 4
22-May 0
29-May 11
06-Jun 0
12-Jun 6
03-Jul 0
10-Jul 0
24-Jul 12
28-Aug 12
18-Sep 12
25-Sep 12
09-Oct 0
02-Oct 11
16-Oct 11

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