Clandestine Cake Club – Vienna Branch

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CCC-LogoThe Clandestine Cake Club started in the UK, but has spread around the world – including Vienna.

Emma writes “We are all about cake! We bake it, we eat it, and we talk about it.The Clandestine Cake Club was originally started in the UK. The individual clubs meet in secret locations all over the world. The Vienna branch was started in June 2015 and we currently have 37 members. We meet once a month, usually in a member’s home. There is a theme each month to which we all bake a cake according to that theme. The membership is free and open to both men and women, and all nationalities. All level of baking abilities are welcome, including complete beginners. Cakes are not judged; we eat and chat. New members can join via On this website, you will also be able to read the monthly blog that is written along with photographs of each of the Vienna meetings.”