Current UK Visa Information

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We have had a number of requests for information about getting a visa for the United Kingdom from Vienna (searches on our website and forum).

Since March 2014 commercial partner TLScontact has been managing the running of a Visa Application Centre in Vienna.   There are no longer any visa application services at the British Embassy.

To check if you require a visa for the UK please see

Applicants should register online at and select the correct type of visa: General visitor or Tourist / Business visa for example. Applicants will then be prompted to book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre.  (Visa Application Centre / TLScontact website)

The TLScontact operated visa application centre will be open every Wednesday and Thursday between 0900 and 1300. Diplomats and officials applying for Visas for official visits will not need to attend a Visa Application Centre in Austria in person. For further advice, please contact the helpline telephone line:  0044 / 1243 213 281 or  07/ 201 16 156. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

Further information can be found on the homepage address: and on:

Several options are available for information about the visa process (e-mail, web chat, telephone services).

As a piece of general advice regarding visa applications for the UK, as with any other visa you might need to apply for, Vienna Expats would advise if anything that you have too much information supporting your application rather than too little and that you will probably require sworn translations into English of certain documentation, the costs of which you will also have to bear. In the event that your application is unsuccessful please be advised that charges will not be refunded.