The Frontier Trilogy – Rabenhof Fringe @ Apostelhof

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Date(s) - 04/10/2016 - 29/10/2016
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm



Frontier TrilogyLove, greed and violence are the ingredients of this western trilogy, told with Biblical impact by the multi-award-winning young British theatre producer Jethro Compton.

We are setting up a Western chapel at the Apostelhof, the new dependence of the Rabenhof, where we will be telling three stories packed with tension, emotion and 100% Western feeling.

Experience the “Chapel of Emmanuel”, a chapel which, long since forgotten in the bleak landscape of California, becomes the backdrop to a true Western.

“A theatre gem. Ticks all the right boxes.” (Edinburgh Evening News)

“Compton is a talented and prolific writer. A rollercoaster ride through the kind of hi
gh-stakes drama great theatre is all about. Excellent.” (The Scotsman)

British author, director and theatre producer Jethro Compton, born in 1988, produced his first play, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” in 2014. It was immediately acclaimed by the critics and theatregoers alike. The theatre troupe he founded, “Jethro Compton Productions” staged the Western series THE FRONTIER TRILOGY at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015.
It was not long before they, too, were receiving similar plaudits.

Winter 1855. The blood-red Moon sits ominously in the sky, moving slowly across the vastness of the American West. It lights the way of a young man through this desolate land. Before the winter sun rises above the ice-covered valley tomorrow morning, at least one life will come to an end.

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Spring 1864. Ben Walker is trapped in the chapel. He is surrounded and besieged. His ammunition is almost used up, and he is running out of time. The circumstances have gone against him, and without an escape route, he has but one choice: to take the easy way out, or to take the right one.

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Summer 1866. Hidden away in the dusty expanses of the American West, the guardian of law and order confronts the lawless, so that justice will prevail. His prayers – that his past in the dark mines of Mexico will remain buried and forgotten – are not to be heard. No matter how far he flees, or how hard he fights, his past will always catch up with him.

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 The individual parts are complete stories in their own right, and do not have to be watched in chronological order.

Please check out our packages:

€ 25,- for two different parts (PACKAGE 1)
€ 35,- for all three parts (PACKAGE 2)

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VENUE: APOSTELHOF, Apostelgasse 25, 1030 Vienna