Student Residence Permit Question (From USA)

Information about having all documents ready for student residence permit application to ensure smooth transition

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ashriem United States of America
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Student Residence Permit Question (From USA)

Post by ashriem » Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:36 am

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the process of getting all of my residence permit application requirements completed to apply for a student residence permit at MA 35 as soon as I land in Vienna. I will be completing a two year masters degree program at TU Wien (in english) starting March 21, 2019. I will fly into Vienna around the 14th -16th of March. As soon as I land, I plan on going to submit my papers as soon as possible (as I only have 3 months of visa free stay). The documents to be submitted are
- photocopy of my US passport (just the information page, eg. picture, name, date of issue, date of expiry, etc.)
- valid passport picture (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
- Birth certificate (from California) with authentication/apostille
- FBI Police record with authentication/apostille (clean record)
- Tenancy agreement from a student dormitory valid until august 2019 (6 months) + confirmation of booking from the student dormitory management
- Bank statement from a bank in doha, Qatar of the last 6 months (this will be my fathers bank statement as he will be supporting me)
- Insurance company paper saying I have signed up for the student health insurance
- Admissions acceptance letter from TU Wien proving that I have been accepted

Am I missing something? Are these documents valid enough to get me the residency permit before my visa free stay expires? Does anyone know if I must get these english documents translated into German? I found several websites online that mention if they are in english, most likely they will not need to be translated, but if i need to translate them, then so be it.

I am just worried that once I arrive there, I will be missing a document that I can only obtain from the USA and will miss out on my masters degree program or if they take too long to issue me the permit (if everything is in order), my visa free stay will expire. If anyone has any information or experience with this, I would be grateful to hear your experiences and what things to avoid or to do (in my case). I have done countless hours of research on this topic but a lot of websites are out dated or provide me with different information. The Austrian embassy in the country I am living in (UAE) is not particularly helpful either haha.

Thank you!

1brucben United States of America
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Re: Student Residence Permit Question (From USA)

Post by 1brucben » Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:31 am

I have heard that they only accept Austrian bank accounts... I would be interested to know whether or not this is true as I am also applying

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