Introducing Vienna Diplomatic – online shopping for expats and diplomats

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Vienna DiplomaticVienna Diplomatic is a new and exclusive online shopping experience for expats and diplomats, and sells a range of luxury goods, including perfumes and spirits. Maria Kitsati, Vienna Diplomatic’s Sales Manager, remarks “Our aim is to provide expats and their families with access to luxury goods.

The exclusive web shop is only available to expats, diplomats or employees of international organizations. For the first time Vienna’s expats are also eligible to enjoy access to a wide assortment of luxury products at great prices and enjoy privileges that have traditionally been reserved for members of the diplomatic community. Vienna Diplomatic’s range includes recognised and well known brands of wines and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, confectionery, fine foods and electronic goods.

First time visitors to will not be able to see any products and prices, since the site is exclusively available for expats and diplomats. After registration and subsequent approval of your account, members are then able to view the complete assortment online. It is then possible to make duty free (following approval from customs only available for diplomats) or duty paid purchases. Signing up only takes a minute, and we are sure that you will get a great deal of enjoyment from your purchases.

Vienna’s landscape, cultural heritage, location and role in the international economy make it a very attractive place for the international community to live and work. Vienna Diplomatic hopes to make you feel at home in Vienna. Welcome to!