New on-street parking rates in Vienna from 1 January 2017

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Vienna city council has increased on-street parking rates effective from 1 January 2017, with new new Parkscheine on sale from the end of November. Current prices have been raised by a flat 5 percent (for all length of parking vouchers).

Parking vouchers that have the valid pricing until 31 December 2016 will no longer be valid – but can be exchanged for new vouchers against payment of the difference between the old and new rate.  Older vouchers (i.e. costing less than the rates valid until 31.12.2016) are no longer accepted for being exchanged.

Up to 30 vouchers can be exchanged at outlets selling the vouchers until 28 February as well as at Wiener Linien ticket offices. Otherwise the Stadtkasse at MA6 will also exchange up to 30 vouchers until 30 June 2017, Larger volumes of vouchers can be exchanged at the Stadthauptkasse at Vienna City Hall (Rathaus) until 30 June 2017.

Alternatively vouchers can also be exchanged by post – to be sent to  Stadthauptkasse, Stiege 7 Hochparterre, Rathaus, 1082 Wien. You should included your bank details (IBAN, BIC, account holder including address and date of birth). It is also recommended to include a phone number to allow the Stadthauptkasse to contact you if necessary.

Old vs New Rates

Voucher Colour Old rate until
New rate from
½ hour red EUR 1.00 EUR 1.05
1 hour blue EUR 2.00 EUR 2.10
1½ hours green EUR 3.00 EUR 3.15
2 hours yellow EUR 4.00 EUR 4.20

Note: Short-term (up to) 15 minute vouchers can continue to be used, and are available free.

Parking Information App

There is also a free app for iOS and Android smartphones – Einfach Parken Wien Free that helps out with all the information about parking in Vienna.