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15 August – Another (public holiday) VE Barbecue

Further information at: VE Barbecue – Monday 15 August

200 Seconds Vienna – Pitch the City – Competition

Vienna Business Agency has a fabulous competition for all you creative people out there – it is called “200 seconds Vienna – Pitch the City” and people are invited to put together videos of 200 seconds in length to promote the city we call our adopted home. Further information is available on the Vienna Business…

Unnecessary fees and skimming risks when withdrawing cash from ATMs in Vienna

There has been a lot of reporting in the Austrian media recently about some ATMs charging for cash withdrawals from Austrian accounts (non-Euro denominated accounts have always been subject to some kind of fees). Fortunately not all ATMs charge – the most widely-spread ones (Bankomat) with their distinctive blue and green logos are not charging…

Updated FCO Information about travelling and living in the EU

The FCO has updated information for British Citizens travelling and living in Europe in the EU available (updated 11 July 2016). Currently the Situation is one of “Business as usual!” https://www.gov.uk/guidance/advice-for-british-nationals-travelling-and-living-in-europe

Learning the language – knowing your A1 from your C2!

One of the largest obstacles that Expats face, in Vienna, as well as elsewhere is the language barrier – while many are hired for English-speaking jobs in multinational companies, not being able to speak the local language of the land can make even the most routine of tasks (e.g. shopping, sending and collecting parcels, banking,…

Don’t forget to take out travel insurance

The information below has come through to us from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) – we would advise all expats (regardless of whether you are British citizens or not!) to make sure that you have adequate insurance cover prior to travelling. The below is provided to give you a good idea of what you…

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VE Barbecues 2016

Vienna Expats have booked dates for grilling on the Donauinsel again this summer! Here is our calendar in advance so everyone has the opportunity to plan their Spring and Summer weekends! We have booked places 8, 10 and 11 which are wonderful, open, shaded, close to the river and have generally good bathroom facilities. All locations are…