Many of our site visitors find Vienna Expats while looking for information about living in Vienna, including trying to get an impression about whether Vienna is the city for them – for the next stage of their career, for their family. Blogs from other expats are a great way for them to get an impression about the place before booking the one-way ticket, signing the contract or taking the plunge and looking for work in Austria.

Vienna Expats is happy to add blogs to its list of blogs provided that they are written in a way that gives an impression of what life in Vienna is like – be it from the point of view of someone moving to Vienna for work, love, family, or any combination of these three factors. Authors may also mention their latest blog posts through our forums – which can be particularly useful if you want to spread the word about a particular issue or topic.

Our listed bloggers are from all sorts of backgrounds, with all kinds of different experiences of Vienna. If you wish to join their swelling ranks – let us know about your blog through our forums. We do check from time to time whether blogs are still active, or whether they have been taken down. While we are an open-minded bunch, we do however not promote any blogs relating to subversive behaviour, illegal behaviour, expressing politically extremist views, or blogs that are non-family reading friendly – NSFW blogs about life in Vienna do exist, but we will not promote them.

Happy blogging!