A selection of Expat Blogs about life in Vienna

The list below is far from exhaustive – it captures different Expat experiences of life in Vienna – some blogs are older and now discontinued, but nevertheless contain a lot of information about various people’s takes on life in Vienna.

A busy’s bee’s life: An expat mom’s blog about a large number of facets of expat life.

Up The Danube Without A Paddle. More Years In The Number One City In The World: A blog about some of the more unusual and interesting facets of Viennese life from the perspective of a long-term Briton in Vienna. Has been posting since 2013.

Amanda across the pond: An American lady’s experience of 18 months in Vienna – written between 2010 and 2012.

American in Vienna: An American trailing spouse’s blog on living in Vienna. Includes a lot of posts on expat insights.

Austrian Adaptation: An Australian lady’s blog about living in Austria, including  her excellent Vienna Insider’s Guide.

Cory Pickett’s Vienna Videoblog: Cory posted a few videos about his time living in Austria – outside of Vienna but now lives back in the US.

English girl in Vienna: Written between 2012 and 2014 it has a lot of posts about all sorts of facets of Vienna life.

Everyday Life in Vienna: A Norwegian lady’s photoblog of life in Vienna – includes all sorts of things to see and do in Vienna from all around the city.

From Brexit to Ex-Brit: Charting the naturalisation process of a long-term Briton in Europe following Article 50 being triggered and his naturalisation as an Austrian, following up the author’s UK Referendum Blog.

Moving to Vienna: a young American couple’s move to Vienna.

My Blue Danube: An American lady’s blog about life in Vienna.

My Digital Verandah: A mixture of life in Vienna and Indian cuisine – with fabulous recipes

Operation Tubetop: A Canadian long-term expat’s blog about life in Vienna.

Schibboleth: Styling itself as “The foodnik’s armchair therapy” there are some fabulous posts about food and drink in Vienna – we particularly recommend the category My Vienna: Freud & Food

Secret Vienna Blog: One of the blogs about Vienna to read – started at the start of 2016 by an Italian – it opens up the city beyond the guidebook.

Tails from the Vienna Woods: Covering far much more than just the Vienna Woods, this blog has been running since 2012 and contains a fabulous array of posts covering all over Austria and neighbouring countries too.

The Vienna Girl: Written between 2011 and 2014 – this blog is written about living in Vienna following buying a one-way ticket from London.

The Best of Vienna: Lifestyle photo blog.

The Curmudgeon in the Cottage: social observations in the Cottageviertel from a long-term Briton in Austria – many subtle observations about Vienna and Austria, as well as a slightly cynic outlook on it all.

UK Referendum Blog: Written about the plight of watching the unfolding UK Referendum on EU Membership from Vienna by a long-term Briton in Vienna unable to vote.

Vanilicious: an Investment Banker in Vienna’s personal blog about fashion and travel

Viennese Cheesecake Blog: Vienna lifestyle blog – written between 2014 and 2015.

Vienna Local & Travel Blog: a blog about life in Vienna as well as travel.

Vienna Muses: An American fiction author’s blog about life in Vienna.

Viennese Flair: Returning to Vienna having previously been here as a teen, the author shows us around the city with a mixture of culture and leisure posts, having now been here for five years, second time around.

Viennese Waltz: Ten years of concert reviews from Vienna and elsewhere.

Vienna Weekends: Incredibly in-depth blog  about activities in and around Vienna for an English-speaking audience made by locals, with a focus on family events and cultural highlights – now discontinued, but still full of ideas.

Waltzing to Vienna: The experience of two Welsh ladies (and their parrot!) in their pursuit to move to Vienna

Wiener Mummy: Raising children in Vienna as an expat mum.

Wiener Wanderland: The follow-up to Waltzing to Vienna – also with a wonderful Instagram presence.

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