Club Melange

Club Melange is a new club in Vienna with English speaking events for the international community.

Music can change your life

Annalisa Virzi:  Music can change your life No wonder why Annalisa Virzi chose to live in the city of Vienna – since her childhood back in Sicily she knew that being a musician would be her profession. First she studied the violin in Italy, after few years she changed to the northern part (Parma and…

Book Offer: An Insider’s Food Guide to Austria

Our friend of the expat family, Melissa Leich, has written and produced an ebook An Insider’s Food Guide to Austria, and she has kindly offered to give you guys a 20% discount on the 17.90 EUR cover price. To get your 20% discount simply use code “FOODIELOVE“ at check out Melissa created this beautiful, inspiring…


What’s the tradition about? The evenings are drawing in, now that autumn/fall is here. One of the typical treats of this time of year is the Martinigansl season in Late October to mid November. In Austria Martinigansl is the goose served to celebrate St. Martin of Tours.

Civil Defence – Siren System

In light of the recent siren test across Austria, and in trying to find information in English about civil defence for our members – it became clear that there is not too much official information available in English – our members seem to have also searched the site for information, so here is some brief information…

Recycling in Vienna

When it comes to the best-used recycling possibilities made available to its residents, Vienna is the top city in Austria. How can you help make it a little greener?