Music can change your life

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Annalisa Virzi:  Music can change your life

No wonder why Annalisa Virzi chose to live in the city of Vienna – since her childhood back in Sicily she knew that being a musician would be her profession. First she studied the violin in Italy, after few years she changed to the northern part (Parma and Cesena) and finally finished her studies as an Erasmus-Outgoing in Vienna.

Here in Austria Annalisa is living, let‘s say at least three lives: First she is an artist playing the violin classic style (baroque-ensemble „Artis Astra“) as well as she is performing as a singer too besides being the violinist of „all‘ arrabbiata“ (Italian Folksongs). – Book your concert!

Her second profession is based on the experiences as an artist: Annalisa is specialised in mental work, practising and teaching instructions how to get over with stage-fright. Whether to cope with anxiety of speaking in public or feeling the need to summarize all power of concentration to master a special job interview – She teaches to overcome one‘s inhibitions, reinstruct special skills to master tricky situations full of stress and jimjams. – Ask for individual training and advice!

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Last but not least she combines her love for music with her talent in teaching , doing piano- and violin lessons for all kind of people, age groups and style…

Although Annalisa is specialised in teaching children, up from the age of 4, practising the so called „Suzuki-method“, based on an educational triangle. It refers to the important role, to the fact that the parents (or the persons who are in educational charge) have to support the little „artist“ in and while doing the homeworks. Not to forget the principal thing that playing an instrument comes from play – playfulness, trial and error, curiosity… are the main factor how children get sense and passion for music step by step. Playing an instrument is so much more than part of general education, it‘s more like finding a very good friend, a companion for the rest of your life.

+43 699 10891637 – ask Annalisa for music lessons!

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Find more general information here:
Annalisa Virzi, MA
mobile +43 699 10891637

Article by Karin Kuna
Photo credit Mat Stefanic @studiomatphoto

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