Moderator Team

Our Moderator team is responsible for keeping the site running, organising and publicising events and answering questions thrown at them through the facebook page or through the website forums. We come from a wide range of backgrounds and collectively have a lot of experience with living in Austria as foreigners.

Mike: Originally from SW England, in Vienna since 2000 and now a naturalised Austrian. Works as a translator, married with three children.

Emma: Working as a translator and originally from Cornwall. Fond of travelling and craft beer, she is most likely to be seen at Meet & Greets and BBQs.

Andreas: From Northern England, but living in Vienna since the mid-noughties. Works in Banking IT, married with two children and likely near ever-present at VE events.

Joel: Sports journalist and film-maker from Kansas, been in Austria since the mid-noughties. American sports fan, in particular also playing softball. Most likely to be seen at VE BBQs.

Clara: Teaching Assistant at the Technical University in Vienna, originally from Valencia.