Vienna FAQs

Living in Vienna FAQ

Yes, Uber is here in Vienna.
In the centre of the city, the prices might be more inflated and touristy, but generally you can expect to pay about €4 for a large (0.5l) beer. Guinness will be around €5 for a large one.
"Schwarzfahren" as it is known is punished with a fine of EUR 103, payable in cash or paying-in slip within three days.
Take the Schnellbahn train service (costs EUR 3.60 one way). Airport bus service costs EUR 6, the private City Airport Train costs EUR 12 one way. A tax, even if pre-ordered can be EUR 35 into town.
Some tobacconists (Trafik) might carry a limited selection. The newsagents at main train stations or Morawa are likely to have a better assortment.
This issue has been discussed in our forums quite a bit over the years - contains the forum discussion about where to live.
Not every district is covered by the "Parkpickerl" for resident parking and Kurzparkzone restrictions for visitors. A full coverage map is available at: