Leaving Vienna

Information about leaving Vienna – as wonderful as the city is, for some the time comes to pack up and move on elsewhere…

Leaving Vienna FAQ

This may vary depending on the type of rental contract you have. Some landlords may be amenable to you finding a new tenant to take over your contract for you.
Yes - Briefnachsendung is Post.at's service. If you are a private customer, then you just fill out a form at your nearest post office (this needs to be done in person) - there is a charge for doing so and you specify how long you want the forwarding for. You will receive a reminder that the service is about to expire before expiry. For a business address you need to prove that you are authorised to act on behalf of the company to do so.
Shutting your account is a good idea if you are unlikely to return to Austria, since holding an account is likely to cost money and you will have to pay to keep an account open. Some accounts that claim to be free are only free subject to you paying a salary in to the account on a monthly basis. It might be worth ensuring that you have settled all bills that are settled directly to your account prior to shutting it.
It is a good idea to deregister as it can be used to prove that you are no longer living in a rental property, which can be useful in particular if there are problems and it is not clear who the occupant is. Information in English about de-registration can be found at: https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/content/118/Seite.11802201.html
As well as in our Flohmarkt forum, you can also try to sell your furniture and anything you don't want to take with you on Facebook groups like: Used stuff for sale Vienna! or yard sale sites like Shpock, Willhaben.
Expats who move frequently will always tell you that you should only move what you really need, and try to start to de-clutter a couple of months before you move. In the event that you do need storage facilities - many charge by the month or week and have numerous locations in and around Vienna. A few such services are: www.myplace.at www.lagerwolf.at www.localstorage.at www.deindepot.at www.easystorage.at www.myplace.eu
There are various recommendations in our forums here.
Some landlords may ask you to find a new tenant to take over your flat - in return for releasing your deposit. This practice is usually more comment if you want to leave your fixed term rental early, or with a shortened notice period. It is worth checking your rental contract for information about the notice you are required to give.