Real Estate Glossary

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Ablöse = charges for fixtures and fittings (e.g. kitchen left in)
ablösefrei = no charges for fixtures and fittings
Alle Zimmer zentral begehbar = all rooms can be accessed from a hallway (rather than going through a room to get to another room)
Altbau = pre-war building (usually has high ceilings)
Aufzug = lift
Bad = Bath/bathroom (Badezimmer)
Badewanne = bathtub
BK (Betriebskosten) = operating costs
Dachgeschloß = attic floor
Du (Dusche) = shower
Einbaukü (Einbauküche) = fitted kitchen
Erdgeschoß = ground floor
EZ (Esszimmer) = dining room
Garc (Garconniere) = 1 room flat
hell = light
Hochparterre = mezzanine floor
hofseitig = facing into a courtyard (as opposed to onto the street)
Kabinet = smaller room (most importantly only has 1 window – a Zimmer has at least two)
Kaution = returnable deposit
Kellerabteil = cellar compartment
Kochnische = small/basic cooking facilities / kitchenette
Loggia = enclosed balcony
Makler = estate agent/letting agent
Miete inkl. USt / MwSt = rent including VAT
Neubau = post-1945 building (low ceilings)
NR = Nebenraeume (bathroom, toilet, usually hallway)
Parkettboden / Parkettzimmer = parquet flooring
Privat an Privat = private rental (i.e. no commission to be paid to a Makler)
Provision = commission of an agent (Makler)
Ruhelage = in a quiet location
Schlüsselkaution = deposit for keys
SZ (Schlafzimmer) = bedroom
straßenseitig = on the side of the house on the street
Vorraum = hall
WaMa (Waschmaschine) = washing machine
WC = lavatory
WC im Gang = lavatory in the corridor (still occasionally happens in old houses)
WG (Wohngemeinschaft) = shared flat (typically among students)
WZ (Wohnzimmer) = living room
x. Liftstock = on the xth floor, with lift
zentral begehbar = all rooms can be accessed from a hallway
Zimmer = Room

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