Globe on Screen: Shakespeare in Vienna

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Globe on Screen: Shakespeare from the world’s most famous stage – direct to the English Cinema Haydn

Globe on Screen By Kate Timperley –Ambassador Network Manager, Arts Alliance

In a year of celebrations to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the world’s leading event cinema distributor, Arts Alliance, are delighted to be working with Shakespeare’s Globe to bring six thrilling, highly acclaimed productions from the world’s most famous stage to Vienna at the fabulous English Cinema Haydn.

English Cinema Haydn, located at Mariahilferstrasse, was established in 1912 and has been a family business ever since. Due to Vienna’s cosmopolitan, international status, English Original Version Films without subtitles were introduced in 1995.

Seeing these stunning Globe on Screen productions straight from the world’s most famous stage is a wonderful opportunity for everyone – those that cannot make it to London for reasons of cost or geography and want to experience the magic of Shakespeare’s Globe close to home, just for the price of a cinema ticket. Those that have been or go regularly to Shakespeare’s Globe and want to know how it looks and feels in the cinema. Students and teachers studying the work of the Bard – and those who’ve never seen or heard much of Shakespeare before and want to use the cinema as an easy, convenient and cost-effective way in to see whether it’s for them.

Haydn_MeasureWe love that everyone can experience the magic of Shakespeare in the comfort of local cinema, at an affordable price, at a time that suits them. Sitting in the best seat in the house at the English Cinema in Haydn, you see things that you may have missed in the theatre – the minute, joyous details of That most searching exploration of sexual politics and social justice, Measure for Measure. Outgoing Artistic Director Dominic Dromgoole’s final production in the Globe’s outdoor space, it received rave reviews for production and acting both:

“Shakespeare without a safety net…it’s noisy, it’s earthy, it’s unruly…’s a corking good time, clear enough to make the play count, with a quite astonishing feat of acting at its heart” (Variety)

Merchant 600x600_V2The thrilling Globe production of Merchant of Venice, starring Jonathan Pryce as Shylock? In some of his most highly-charged scenes, Shakespeare dramatises the competing claims of tolerance and intolerance, religious law and civil society, justice and mercy; while in the character of Shylock he created one of the most memorable outsiders in all theatre. Described by reviewers as “The Globe at its best….a finely balanced, intelligent production” (The Times), this production is returning to the Globe later this year, as well as going on an international tour. Don’t miss out on the chance to see it!

Richard 600x600_v2How about Richard II? Richard II represents Shakespeare’s most searching exploration of the meaning of kingship and the rising powers that can destroy it. A “lucid and compelling….highly intelligent and fast-moving production” (What’s On Stage), starring Charles Edwards (Downtown Abbey, Philomena) it feels like the most fitting production for both the Globe and for cinemas, a briskly intelligent production that gives the play exceptional variety of texture.

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