Weekly painting classes with Abby Brown

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Abby Brown is offering a weekly painting class
Abby Brown is offering a weekly painting class

A young artist, Abby Brown, is offering painting classes – which might be of interest to our users. If you sign up for the class, let her know that you found out about the class through Vienna Expats.

We’ve included some further information from her class description to give you a better idea about what the class entails.

Class goals: This class is not just about the technical skills of painting, but also learning how to think creatively and artistically. Creativity starts in the mind and our hands are only an extension of what our minds can imagine. The longer I’ve been painting the more I’ve realized it is essentially a mind game – you have to be fearless and willing to risk everything you’ve accomplished thus far to push a painting to the next level. It is a practice of letting go and no longer viewing what you have as too precious. I will be covering concrete technical skills in the class and basics of composition, paint layering, and color theory, but I will also challenge you to push your comfort zone and change your way of viewing a subject as you experiment with different approaches to art making. You are all free to work on the type of artwork that appeals to you, be it abstract or representational or anything in between. The approach I will cover will be about starting loose, expressive and general, and slowly building to the refined details.

Class structure: We will meet once a week for 3 hours. Beginning students will learn basics of building up and layering paint to construct a successful painting. We will cover techniques and there will be demonstrations in class to show various methods. More advanced students can work independently and get personalized feedback on their developing artworks. We will all work together on a simple still life for the first week so that we are all on the same page and I get a feeling for the skill level of the class. Some weeks will have specific projects, such as having a live model for the class if there is interest in figurative drawing and painting, or learning collage techniques if there is interest.

After the first week or two, you can choose to work on an assignment that I provide, or you can work on your own independent projects. During the class, I will come around to give individual feedback to all the students and discuss ways the artwork can be developed further. This often leads to spontaneous demonstrations if I feel that there is a technique that is relevant to everyone in the class. The focus of this class is a two-way street – you can bring your ideas of what you are interested in learning, and I can either work on that individually with you, or if multiple people are interested, that could be the focus of the class for a couple weeks.

Mediums: The class is primarily a painting class for acrylic or oil paints. We will occasionally use charcoal or graphite on paper for some exercises. If there is interest, I could demonstrate collage techniques. If you are interested in a specific medium we can discuss including other materials in the class.

When: Mondays from 6:30-9:30 starting late September. Classes will not meet on national holidays
and there will be a longer break during December for the holidays.

Where: Börsegasse 4, 1010 Vienna.

€39 per lesson when payed by the month in advance
€234 for a package of 6 lessons which can be used within 10 weeks (€39 per lesson)
€46 per lesson if paying for only 1 individual lesson

Registration: Please contact Abby Brown by email at abbyhbrown@gmail.com for registration.

More information about Abby Brown and her artwork can be found on her website at www.abbybrownart.com