Joel’s Guide to watching NFL in Vienna

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NFLWatching the NFL in Vienna has never been easier. With the “early” game times (for US sports), one can catch most American Football games and still get a full night’s sleep each week. Of course, the easiest way is to catch it on local TV, as both Puls4 (in German) and Sky Sports US (in native English) broadcast several live and tape delayed games each week.

If you have a particular team which you just cannot live without, of course, you will likely have to find a way to stream it (such as the expensive but impressive NFL Gamepass). But if you’re coming here for info, likely you’re more interested in checking out the local scene, and enjoying a game in an environment of fellow NFL fans. Here’s a short list of some of the spots that are known for showing NFL games in Vienna:
Pointers Bar and Grill – Resselgasse 5 (near U1/U2/U4 Karlsplatz) – +43 (0)1 5056939 – Worth noting that they stream a lot of games from a variety of sources, so if you want a game that’s off the beaten path, they might be your best bet. Food and beer selection is decent, but they don’t usually stay open for more than half of the second game, so be forewarned… Also, best to call ahead and reserve a spot here, as they sometimes are quite busy (depending on the week’s big games).
Champions Sports – Located in the Marriott Hotel – Parkring 12a · Wien 1010 – +43-1-51518 8901 – The first place that travelers tend to head to on Sunday nights. Centrally located, easy to find, at a hotel and come up first on most generic web searches. The food is pretty good, but WAY overpriced. Atmosphere can range from amazing to mediocre, depending on who is playing. Always throw a big, well-attended Super Bowl party that’s one needs to book tickets for well in advance.
Roo Bar – Hegelgasse 8, 1010 – Tel. 01 2933673 – Australian pub in the first district that shows a lot of sports and stays open quite late, if they have the clientele for it. Nice if you want to stay and watch the entirety of the second game…
Billabong – Parkring 4, 1010 Wien – +43 (0)1 512 10 08 – U3, Autobus Linie 1A, Straßenbahn Linie 2 – Haltestelle Stubentor – Never been a big fan of the food selection here, to be honest, and they’re a bit pricey. But they have, in the past, stayed open late to watch the entire second NFL game, as few places do, making it a good option if those are the games one is interested in.
Shebeen Pub – 01 5247900 – Lerchenfelderstrasse 45 – 1070 Wien – Arrive via Strassenbahn 46, Station Strozzigasse or the 13A bus. Used to show the games, but have not yet verified if they are still doing so this season. Probably the best pub food of the lot. Call ahead to reserve a place as they do heavy business with the soccer beforehand.
TGI Friday’s – Tel.: +43 (0) 1 – 714 89 95 – Schubertring 13, 1010 Wien – The Austrian Patriots Fan Club meets here to watch New England games, or so I’ve been told. Coupled with the high priced, mediocre American grub, this pretty much makes it a no-fly zone for me. But if you’re from Boston or can stand watching Tom Brady win another game, this might be your spot. (hey, if it keeps the Pats fans out of the other bars, I’m all for it! – Read more about it here:
Golden Harp 01 7151 393 – Erdbergstraße 27 – The original (and still the best, for my money) Golden Harp in Vienna. Many other locations now, but this is the only one which has consistently shown NFL games over the last few years. Unfortunately, they now only show the German language, Puls 4 broadcast. But the food is still good… 🙂
Cafe Benno – Alserstraße 67 (ecke Bennogasse) 1080 wien +43 (0)1 4066735 – Have been here before, but never for NFL. Head downstairs when you get inside. Looks like they show it in German.
Know of more places? Have a vastly different opinion on the places I’ve listed? Please feel free to comment on the thread in our forums and update our readers…