Brexit Information: Be Prepared Folks

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Our friends in the British Embassy would like British Citizens to know they can help you prepare for the potential eventuality of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal:

  • Read the leaflet
  • Follow the suggestions which apply to your situation
  • Sign up to email alerts

Brexit Information Leaflet Austria July 2019

UPDATE:  The Austrian government has published guidance for British citizens after no-deal Brexit

  • You get 6 months after Brexit to apply for residence
  • Simplified residence decision (no German check)
  • Will cost 160 EUR
  • British citizens not resident lose access to Labour market

From the leaflet the first page focuses on resources i.e. where you can access official information for both ‘Deal’ and ‘No Deal’ scenarios.

The second page outlines practical steps you can take now to prepare, should we be faced with a No Deal scenario.

The most important message that the Embassy would like to get across to people is to sign up for email alerts about Living in Austria (
Whenever new information becomes available, it’s immediately published on the Living In Austria Guide ( If you sign up for email alerts, you will automatically be alerted to this new information having been published.

The Embassy would also encourage you to watch Ambassador Leigh Turner’s latest message to British Nationals in Austria on YouTube. You can view it at the following link:

Please do share this information with others in the British Community and ‘tell a friend’. The more people we can inform, the better.