Britwurst taking Christmas Orders online

Our friendly and obliging sausage maker, Richard aka Britwurst, is taking Christmas orders, and this year it isn’t just for sausages and bacon – and better still there is an online form for ordering from: The range includes sausages; bacon; chipolatas; sausage meat; pork, apricot and leek pies and in cooperation with The Cake…

20 December – Meet & Greet Karlsplatz and Pointers

We finish our year’s Meet & Greet programme with our Punschstand event – again at Jörg’s Hutte at Karlsplatz. We will then carry on at Pointers, about 150 m away from the Punschstand. FB page to sign-up and for last minute info: VE Meet & Greet – Karlsplatz Weihnachtsmarkt and Pointers

17 December – Chance to meet Santa – event at Hard Rock Café for special needs children

Hard Rock Café will be holding a special event – a Santa Meet for children with special needs – on 17 December 2016 from 9:30 – 11:00 am. Parents wishing to attend should contact the venue directly at – further information below. Santa Meet for special needs children at Hard Rock Café

Introducing Vienna Diplomatic – online shopping for expats and diplomats

Vienna Diplomatic is a new and exclusive online shopping experience for expats and diplomats, and sells a range of luxury goods, including perfumes and spirits. Maria Kitsati, Vienna Diplomatic’s Sales Manager, remarks “Our aim is to provide expats and their families with access to luxury goods.” The exclusive web shop is only available to expats,…

Why Austria goes wild for Wild

Austrian cuisine is still very seasonal – which is a very welcome change to the globalization-related all-year-round strawberries and other items which used to be seasonal. Usually family-run restaurants will have a chalk board that proclaims something being in season – be it asparagus (Spargel), goose (Martinigänsl), grape must (Sturm), or as currently is the…

We live in funny times – English-speaking comedy in Vienna

The song that British comic duo Morecambe & Wise were best known for was a song called “Bring me sunshine” – and the opening lines went “Bring me sunshine / in your smile / bring me laughter / all a while” and recently there has been a surge in comedy shows in English in Vienna….