Painting Classes with Abby Brown

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Class goals: This class is not just about the technical skills of drawing and painting, but also learning how to think creatively and artistically. Creativity starts in the mind and our hands are only an extension of what our minds can imagine. I will be covering concrete technical skills in the class and basics of composition, paint layering, and color theory, but I will also challenge you to push your comfort zone and change your way of viewing a subject as you experiment with different approaches to art making. The approach I will cover will be about starting loose, expressive and general, and slowly building to the refined details. Class structure: Beginning students will learn basics of building up and layering paint to construct a successful painting. We will cover techniques and there will be demonstrations in class to show various methods. More advanced students can work more experimentally and get personalized feedback on their developing artworks. These classes can be highly personalized based on your skill level and interests. For example, if there is interest in learning about collage we could spend a session learning collage technique and how to combine that with painting. There is a lot of flexibility in the course, and students can propose their own independent projects to work on.

Materials: The class is primarily a drawing and painting class, though we may explore some other additional mediums if there is interest. Oil paints are recommended, though acrylics are also ok to work with for this class. I can provide a materials list for the class, or you can use my oil paints and brushes for an additional €5 per session (subject to change if you work on a large project that requires a lot of materials), and you will only need to bring canvases and some basic drawing supplies yourself.

Cost for a 2 hour session: €40 for a private lesson
€30 per person for a group of 2 students
€25 per person for a group of 3-6 students
longer painting sessions can be arranged

Location: Vienna, Austria. Contact Abby for more details

Registration: Please contact Abby Brown by email at for registration.

More information about Abby Brown and her artwork can be found on her website at