The Heart of Vienna walking tour – Direct on your phone

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Living in Vienna, you have an opportunity to experience a city with a distinct culture and history that spans over 2000 years.  On your walk to the store, commute to work, or weekend stroll you pass icons of history that you might never know are there.  Would you like to learn the secrets hiding in the everyday scenes of the city?

“The Heart of Vienna” is a newly published audio walking tour that runs on your smart phone.  Tour guide Alex Parkhill is an American expat who lives in Vienna and bills the tour as “My favorite kilometer of Vienna, starting from the Opera House and ending with a lap around the Stephansdom.”  The tour lasts one hour and is in crisp, clear English with professionally engineered audio (click here to listen to listen to a clip).  It highlights all the major themes that the city is famous for.

Alex has been giving tours of the city for years and loves the new cell phone medium.  “Music, sound effects, and the dramatic history of the city all combined together to allow me to create an immersive storytelling experience. In my opinion, Vienna hides her best stories in plain sight and it is my pleasure to bring them to life.  A surprising amount of information on the city I’ve found is only available in German references that to my knowledge hadn’t been translated before.”

The tour is available via the VoiceMap app – available for download on Android and iPhone.  It uses cutting-edge GPS technology and the age-old art of storytelling to change the way people experience cities. “VoiceMap is a publishing platform for location-aware audio tours – or, with less jargon and more poetry, a way of seeing the world through another person’s eyes,” explains VoiceMap CEO and co-founder, Iain Manley.

After downloading the app and selecting a route, VoiceMap users can put their phone in their pocket and follow a storyteller’s voice through a particular neighborhood, while anecdotes, commentary and opinions play automatically at specific GPS locations.

With this tour, first time visitors and seasoned Vienna Veterans will all learn something new and fascinating about the city.  Viel Spaß!