Painting Classes with Abby Brown

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Painting and Drawing Courses

Abby Brown offers art instruction for adults and teens. She is an artist originally from the USA specializing in expressive and colorful oil paintings. She is currently based in Vienna, Austria and has shown her work internationally in the USA, Europe and Asia. Abby has 5 years teaching experience within the arts, and enjoys passing along her skills and knowledge to new and developing artists.
Classes are offered at every skill level, from complete beginner to experienced painter, in a studio environment that encourages creative exploration and experimentation. Classes cover the fundamentals of painting and drawing and students are encouraged to experiment with different creative approaches and explore artistic expression. Courses can be taught in both English and German with English as the primary language for group courses.

Summer schedule
Weekly group courses:
Ongoing weekly evening classes with an open and flexible structure for individual feedback. Beginning students develop the foundation for creating a successful painting, and intermediate and advanced students will refine their skills and explore more experimental techniques to take their art to the next level. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of subjects and approaches in this class, and it can be catered to fit the needs of each individual student.
Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm
Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm

Summer intensive workshops:
Beginners drawing and painting workshop
This course is an introduction to drawing and painting for beginners or a refresher course for those with experience. We will cover the fundamental techniques with experimental drawing and rendering exercises and students will complete two still-life oil paintings. Students will develop techniques for drawing accuracy, an understanding of paint layering, basic color theory, effective use of brush strokes, and depth and dimensionality.
August 20-24 – beginner/intermediate, Monday-Friday, 11-4pm (one hour break for lunch).
Portraiture workshop
This course is designed as an in-depth study of portraiture. The main focus of the course is completing a portrait in oil paints. We will begin with drawing exercises to focus on proportions, shading and rendering skills, and then move on to painting with oil on canvas. There will be demonstrations in class and in-depth study of color mixing for creating skin tones and dimensionality. Students are encouraged to experiment with various techniques and create an expressive portrait. Some drawing or painting experience is recommended.
August 27-31 – intermediate/advanced, Monday-Friday, 11-4pm (one hour break for lunch).

Private lessons – catered to the interests of the student and set up by appointment.
Please get in touch to discuss options and scheduling.

Please check Abby Brown’s website or get in touch for more information about the artist and current course offerings: